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Our Father, Grand Father, A well-known pastry chef from Hong Kong had the utmost european pastry knowledge, started a small bakery in Toronto on Mccaul street with his two young sons.  They started to produce fine European pastries and cakes with high quality ingredients with "traditional" French and European style.

Through the years, the two brothers continued to branch into Scarborough, North York and Richmond Hill. They have developed the small bakery into fine patisserie, gourmet food restaurant.

Nearly 40 years have passed, Maxim's never gave up maintaining its direction to use fine quality ingredients for their cakes, pastries and gourmet dishes.  The cakes and pastries from Maxim's are made 100% fresh and made from real ingredients (no cake mixes).  For the gourmet dishes, they use only high quality steaks like Certify Angus Beef, U.S choice beef, New Zealand lamb or supreme grade chicken.  Also, the sauces for our menu from top to bottom are made from scratch everyday.

To continue the family tradition, Maxim's will continue to produce fine dishes, fine pastries and fine cakes to ensure your stay at our place is a special moment in your life.




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